Guitarist Bill Frisell, 63, is a wonderfully restless musician. Just when you got used to his languid, golden wheat style of Americana jazz, he turns the tables and makes one of his finest albums. Guitar In The Space Age initially feels like a lost soundtrack to a David Lynch movie, especially the way it mixes multiple guitar sounds (bass, electric and acoustic) in an earthy, cosmic stew. It’s out there, but satisfyingly accessible that’s almost too cool. He dips into surf music with deep respect and flips that anachronistic genre into something pleasurable with current arrangements that hang tight. Pete Seeger’s timeless “Turn, Turn, Turn” is lush with rhythmic twang and its revisionist melody catches you off guard. Likewise, Brian Wilson’s “Surfer Girl” is inflated with juicy harmonics and a sweet backbeat. Frisell reflects on the 50s, inspired by the way he and his fellow musicians grew up and what they liked – the album’s zeitgeist is all about California summers and first guitars, along with a mutual love of jazz, blues and rock. Because it all works so beautifully, Guitar is nothing short of a sonic gem with layers that peel back to reveal superb musicianship and honest grooves. (14 tracks; 55 minutes)

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