This album from New York-based saxophonist Kenny Shankar, is the kind of unpretentious straight-ahead jazz record that goes down easy. Shanker’s strong, all original set hearkens back to the Prestige-era’s classic quintets—tight melodies and urbane solos are the rule here and it’s a fine combination. Action City is highlighted by “Times Square,” defined by its strong melody and Jazz Crusaders-style groove. “Another Morning” pops with an astute sense of swing, while “Summer Siesta” clicks with a breezy flavor. The band works well together, but pianist Mike Eckroth is a dazzler in the tradition of a young Hank Jones or Tommy Flanagan, and together Shanker and he make these tunes bounce. Stick around for the enticing ballad, “Riverbank At Dawn,” and the closer, “Snow Paws” – its pop contours fade away to reveal Shanker’s gift at composing music that’s sure to make your day. (12 tracks; 55 minutes)

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