Homes (Jazz Village) is an extraordinary jazz trio record of undisputed beauty and talent. Guitarist Gilad Hekselman, bassist Joe Martin and drummer Marcus Gilmore have played as a unit for nearly ten years, honing a brotherly collaboration that conjures up Ahmad Jamal and Bill Evans’ trios, two of his most significant influences. Homes is his fifth record and it’s superb, thematically coalescing around a sense of place as much as places of the heart. Hekselman’s melodic compositions are infused with gentle phrasing that skim undulating waves set in motion by Martin and Gilmore. The use of electric and acoustic guitars give the album layers of sonic luster that are most apparent on the lush “Samba em Preludio” and “Cosmic Patience.” His version of Bud Powell’s classic “Parisian Thoroughfare” is all aces—while Martin swings fiercely and Gilmore lets loose on his kit, Hekselman carves out an adventurous solo, careening through the changes. Brad Mehldau’s drummer, Jeff Ballard, subs for Gilmore on two tunes — dazzling on the ricocheting rhythms on “KeeDee” and in a duo format, underscoring Hekselman’s stalwart originality on a percolating, brilliant version of Pat Metheny’s “Last Train Home.” (12 tracks; 57 minutes)

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